Project Description

Hair color: Brunette / Blonde highlights
Eye color: Green / Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height : 1.58
Shoe size : 4 or 5 depending on designer make
Dress size – 8, Pants – 8, Top – Small
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Willing to do anal: Only Asian for the right price as well
Willing to do threesome: Yes
Willing to do orgy: Depending on if with my girls that’s when I will be comfortable
Willing to travel: Yes, but not to Cape Town and Durban as yet and not alone still scared (but like Sun City and Johanesburg for example with another girl fine.
Do you have a valid passport? No
Do you have any valid visas? No
Do You Have Your Own Place (for company): Sadly, no for evenings during day could be arranged only for hourly bookings
Are You Mobile: (transport): Only uber

I love art and painting. I also enjoy singing and dancing. I am a spunky bubbly energy bunny. You will never walk out without a smile or laugh from visiting me, I am sweet and cute yet with the door closed, naughty, and bring out the dark interesting side. I love sexy dancing and private 1 man shows. I do sensual massages.